What is Cub Scouts All About?

What is Cub Scouts All About?
Since 1910, the Boy Scouts of America has provided strong, value-based programs that strengthen character, develop good citizenship, and enhance both mental and physical fitness in youth—traits that prepare young people to make the best decisions for today and tomorrow.

Cub Scout Pack 442 has been active at Tinley Park Community Church for 40 years. Cub Scouting is designed for boys in 1st to 5th grades. Boys meet in small groups divided by grade level called dens several times a month. Once a month, the entire Pack gets together to share in fun activities such as art days, sporting events, collecting food for those in need throughout the community, doing community clean-ups, hikes, the annual Pinewood Derby, and award meetings where we celebrate the achievements of the boys.

Cub Scouting encourages each boy to strive for his personal best, a lesson that will help him achieve success as he enters Boy Scouting and throughout his adult life. Cub Scouting activities encourage character development, physical coordination, spiritual growth, family unity, and enthusiasm for learning. Cub Scouting helps boys develop a sense of teamwork, achievement, self-confidence, and respect for others. Learning to master new skills helps the Cub Scout realize his own abilities and discover that his can-do attitude is the first sign of success in any endeavor. In fact, that’s the Cub Scout motto: Do Your Best.

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